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PROJECT 2 - Noosa Tri 2015 - Smiling for Smiddy

Smiling For Smiddy


Beginning in honor of the man himself, Adam Smiddy, Smiling for Smiddy has grown in to a community holding mateship, spirit and teamwork as core values. A talented triathlete and physiotherapist, Adam was cut down in his prime by an aggressive melanoma in 2006. He was just 26.

Chances are, you’ve seen for yourself how devastating cancer can be. Our goal is to do everything in our power to put an end to this. To date, exclusive Smiling for Smiddy events have raised more than $5 million for Mater cancer research and patient care

Smiling for Smiddy is fighting the good fight against cancer in his name and hope you can pitch in too.

2015 will be my 20th Noosa Triathlon since I started competing there in 1994 and I could think of no better way to celebrate such a milestone than giving my time to help raise funds for a charity whose values are so inline with my own.

Science is starting to gain some ground on this insidious disease, but they still need further resources to wipe it out…for good


If you are able to, please head the donation page to help make a difference today.




Cancer Research


The sad truth is cancer still needs all the funding it can get. 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women will be diagnosed before they’re 85. You’ve probably seen for yourself how devastating it can be. Maybe a friend of a friend had it or perhaps it has affected one of your nearest and dearest. Cancer has its own agenda and one of the worst things about it is you never know what’s coming next.

At Smiddy, they don’t like feeling helpless. That’s why they do what we do. Their end goal is to get the one-up on cancer.

The Mater Foundation is committed to improving the outcomes for people diagnosed with cancer. It has a variety of research projects on the go into the causes of cancer and improved outcomes through prevention and improved treatments. Current areas of focus include:


Ovarian cancer

Tragically, 65% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die of the disease. The survival rate for women with ovarian cancer has not improved in the last 15 years. Mater researchers are striving to find new targeted treatment methods for women with ovarian cancer.

This research project is bringing together the best scientists, doctors and other health care professionals at Mater and has the potential to make a significant difference in the survival rate for women with ovarian cancer. Their success depends upon the support of people like you.


Prostate cancer

1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The incidence of prostate cancer is on the increase and tragically in some cases the cancer spreads to the bone. Currently once this happens the cancer is incurable.

Scientists at Mater have a long track record of conducting research into prostate cancer. They are looking at how to prevent prostate cancer, stop it from spreading to the bone and even how a person’s own immune system can be used to fight the disease.

Like the journey on the bike, the road to success in research is a long one. But every step gets us closer to finding better diagnosis, treatments and ultimately cures for cancer.


Skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in Australia.

More than 430 000 Australians are treated a year for skin cancers and each year there are around 1600 deaths from skin cancer. 

Research efforts into skin cancer at Mater include looking at ways to reduce the side effects of current treatment methods.


Breast cancer

“You have breast cancer.”

More than 13 000 women hear these words each year when they go through the terrifying ordeal of being diagnosed with breast cancer. 

The survival rates for breast cancer have significantly increased due mainly to screening and early diagnosis and 88% of women who are diagnosed by breast cancer now survive. However that means 1430 of the women diagnosed with breast cancer each year will lose their fight and that is 1430 too many.

Your support helps Mater to contribute to the global fight against breast cancer through research. Scientists at Mater Research are looking at ways we can tackle cancer from every angle including having a better understanding of the disease, prevention and improved treatment.

Every year some funds from Smiling for Smiddy are put into this research in the hope that we can make even greater improvements on the survival rates for breast cancer for future generations.




Noosa Triathlon




Competitors and spectators flock to Queensland’s shores to take part in Australia’s largest triathlon event and the largest Multi Sport Festival of its kind in the southern hemisphere

The Noosa triathlon is the 3rd largest in the world, behind Chicargo and London.


The first ever Noosa Triathlon was held in 1983 and attracted only 180 competitors, helmets were optional, wetsuits were banned and cyclists got lost on the course! However, in its 33rd year of operation, Noosa Triathlon has grown into a first class international multi sport and entertainment event.


Today, the Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival is an annual five-day hallmark event, celebrating sports participation, healthy lifestyles, fitness and fun. With an irresistible mix of sport and entertainment coupled with sun, sea and surf in one of Australia’s most popular destinations, Noosa, the event consists of various family, social and sporting activities for all ages and abilities. The pinnacle event on the final day of the festival is the Noosa Triathlon.


This year the 1.5km swim moves from the Noosa canals to Noosa's Main Beach for the first time.

The 1.5km swim will then be followed by the current 40km cycle and 10km run


A truly great day out!


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 23 OCT 15 -> 2XU Emerites Palace Aquathlon - Sprint 750m swim 5km run

After a tough swim through jellyfish and a hot & humid run, i managed to secure 1st Master's Male and 5th across the line overall! 

A great event put on by Danny from Abu Dhabi Tri Club and his helpful crew.

*action photo credits Erin Railton


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