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Special Offer for Abu Dhabi folks

Feel like you want to get something more out of your charity donation, besides feeling like you're helping?


Here are a couple of further options for you:

Home Barista Training for Charity


This hands-on course is designed to show you how to get the most out of your home espresso machine. The course will cover the basic workings of a home machine, the importance of coffee freshness, correct storage, grinder adjustment, milk texturing and machine maintenance.

Whether you already have a machine or are looking to buy we can help you make informed decisions about performance, servicing and purchasing. You may bring your own machine or use our semi commercial single group machine to find out how good home espresso can be.

This class contains the following content:

  • Espresso preparation techniques – a skill building session on developing great techniques for dosing, distributing and tamping.


  • Quality evaluation – using a standard dose, we will correlate the visual appearance of an espresso extraction with its taste result.


  • Extraction theory – what compounds are extracting, when and why?Brew parameter adjustments – dose and grind. How, when and why to adjust?


  • Espresso recipes – we work with dosing and extraction time to make grind adjustments and achieve optimum taste results.


  • Milk texturing and pouring – an introduction to these vital concepts.


  • Cleaning and maintenance – how and what to clean on your espresso machine and grinder to achieve consistent results.


Cost AED 500 {enter AU$190.00 via the 'donate' button}


Bike Clean & Service for Charity


Drop your bike off for a clean and tune up.


  • I will dial in your gears to get them shifting like new.


  • The cluster and chain will get a good clean and lube.


  • All brakes, nuts and bolts will be checked.


  • Finished off with a polish to get that showroom shine.


I will also advise you on parts that need further attention/replacing.

If you buy the parts, bring the bike back and I’ll be happy to fit then…no extra charge


Cost: AED 120 per bike {enter AU$40.00 via the 'donate' button}

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