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This is a bit about me, Tim Calver and why I've chosen to help.


For as long as I can remember, I have been involved in sporting activities.
First was soccer in the winter and then cricket and swimming in the summer.
Then I became a rower, mostly in single, double and quad sculls at Canberra Rowing Club, in Australia,
In my final year of school, with a good mate, I entered the world of a new sport – Triathlon.


Always feeling things could be achieved more easily, to a higher standard, my mate and I became junior members of the local Triathlon Committee and worked from the inside out to improve the fledgling sport in our area.


We both went on to become coaches, with my mate, Ben, coaching in Queensland, and I held the post of "Temporary State Coaching Director, Australian Capital Territory" for a period, I then went on to build my own Tri Squad.


I continued to race and provide some inspiration to my athletes.

Unfortunately for those I coached, I decided that I would attempt to race in the National Age Group Team, to represent Australia at the 1998 World Triathlon Championships in Switzerland.


I have been fortunate enough to be guided by some of my sport's greatest coaches, Ellen Randall (rowing) and Wayne "super coach" Goldsmith (swimming/Triathlon), who continue to develop world championship winning athletes to this day.

With their help, I did make national team selection and competed well, all things considered.

Following the Swiss event, I sought a short break from competition, I moved from the Gold Coast to northern Italy where I was an Alpine Ski Guide. In the lead up to that winter, I met an Italian bar owner who, knowing I’d competed for Australia in Triathlons, talked to me about some crazy race in the deserts of Morocco.


I finally got the opportunity to toe the start line at arguably, the world’s toughest foot race 10 years after that conversation.



Why CanTeen and Smiling for Smiddy? (2015)


When I returned from my stint in Italy, I moved to Sydney and undertook studies in IT, which seemed to be the thing to do at that time to ensure the best prospects of employment.

I, like many students, worked part time whilst I studied. I was a Ward Clerk at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. The ward on which I worked was interesting, sometimes happy, and sometimes sad. It was the Oncology Ward.


During my time I met many of the staff and became friends with many patients.
I would sometimes even communicate over the phone to loved ones when the patients could not talk due to the nature of their treatments.


What struck me though was that I could leave that ward every day, many of the patients could not. Some didn’t make it out at all.

To see young adults facing the challenge of cancer, more often than not with a smile, made me want to help in whatever way I could.


That's when I first built the web site  'Desert Ultra Run . com' so people could easily help and support  Canteen in the lead up to, and during, the Marathon des Sables.


For the ones who suffered the challenges of the range of therapies that are used to treat cancer, I felt it was an unfair fight, something has to be done to help progress medical research to beat the this insidious disease


Now, a few years on from that sandy event. I am preparing for my 20th Noosa Tri and what better time to help out again whilst giving the race my best shot?


This is why I’ve chose CanTeen and now, Smiling for Smiddy. This is my chance, and this is your chance, to help if you can.







Sporting highlights

2023 - Noosa Triathlon, 25th time 

2023 - The Komoot Torino Nice Rally

700km with 20,000m up.  (unofficial Sep run)

2022 - Noosa Triathlon, 24th  time

2022 - Engadin Ski Marathon - Switzerland

2022 - Marcialonga 70km cross country ski race - Italy

2021 - OtillO The Swimrun World Championship Sweden (24 islands, 10km swimming 65km running)

2021 - Final 15 Sprint Swimrun - Sweden

2021 - Tour des Stations Marmotte Granfondo, 145km +4,750m. Swiss Alps

2021 - Vasaloppet 90km cross country ski race - Sweden

2020 - Tour des Stations Marmotte Granfondo, 145km +4,750m. Swiss Alps

2020- Otillo Sprint Solo - Engadin, Switzerland

2020 - Qualified & entered

OtillO World Championship of Swimrun - Sweden*

2019 - Noosa Triathlon, 23rd time

2019 - OtillO World Series of Swimrun

          - Hvar, Croatia

          - Uto, Sweden

          - Engadin, Switzerland

          - 1,000 Lakes, Germany

          - Cannes, France

          - Malta

2018 - Jaungfrau Marathon (with 1,823m of up)

2018 - Gran Raid Prealpi Trevigiane 75km

           Trail Ultra Marathon (with 4,600m of up)

2017 - Noosa Triathlon, 22nd time

2016 - Urban Ultra Desert Cycle Challenge UAE

           Persian Gulf to the Indian Ocean

2016 - Noosa Triathlon, 21st time

2015 - 2016 5 Star Aquathlon 3 Race Series

                       [3 x 1st place - Male Masters]

                       Abu Dhabi UAE

2015 - Noosa Triathlon, 20th time

2015 - South Beach Triathlon, Miami USA


2011 - Marathon des Sables, Morocco


2009 - World Triathlon Championships, Australia


2005 - Land Rover G4 Challenge Trials, Australia


2005 - World Triathlon Championships, Hawaii


2004 - World Triathlon Championships, Portugal

                                   [Australian Team Captain]


2002 - Land Rover G4 Challenge Trials, Australia


2002 - World Triathlon Championships, Mexico


1998 - World Triathlon Championships, Switzerland


1998 - World Duathlon Championships, Germany

1995 - Kona Half Ironman, Hawaii

1995 - Australian Ironman Triathlon Championship

1994 - Australian Ironman Triathlon Championship

1992 - Kona Half Ironman, Hawaii

1990 - Australian Long Course Triathlon       Championships

*Cancelled due to Corona Virus

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